Normcore: Changing Everything You Thought You Knew About Fashion

Normcore: Changing Everything You Thought You Knew About Fashion

Normcore is a style that has gained momentum around many large cities in the country; however, even with its growing popularity, the large majority of people have never heard of the trend and even less know what it is.


Normcore is distinguished as a fashion trend that combines unisex style with average looking clothing. K-HOLE, a fashion forecasting group based in New York, describe Normcore as a style that is “moving away from a 20th century version of adolescence that was all about being misunderstood: the binary where you had your real truth and then there was society or ‘mom and dad’ who misunderstood you.” Instead, new 21st century adolescence, they say, is about being “one that’s willing to play with what’s real and what’s fake in any given situation.”


The trend itself is rather new. only dates the fashion trend back to October 2013, when K-HOLE actually coined the term in Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom. “There’s an exhaustion with trying to seem different.” K-HOLE’s Emily Segal says, “People are genuinely tired by the fact that to achieve status you need to be different from everyone else around you.”


In this way, youth — be they rich or poor — have the ability to play with reality and wear bland clothing to seem “normal” no matter what their real life situation. Now, poverty and wealth can no longer be distinguished by one’s appearances. Normcore forces people to reanalyze the binaries that they have placed on society and find new ways of labeling people.


When you dress in Normcore style clothes, the idea is that only your true self should show through. Your labels and new trendy clothes should not distract outsiders. The idea was invented after the fashion world went through a period of fast paced changes in trends. To be hip and fit in, one had to be constantly updating their wardrobe. In essence, only wealthy folks were at the luxury of staying up to date with the fashion trends, thus setting themselves above the rest.


Whatever you once thought were fashionable is most likely not Normcore. White sneakers with jeans are Normcore. Fleece zip-ups and simple T-shirts are Normcore. Your skinny jeans and booties? Definitely not Normcore.


Normcore is a perfect example of holding on to things you may have considered outdated. No longer are fashion trends set by the people who design clothes, but in the hands of society. Clothing choices have become more than a decision to look nice, but a decision on how you want to present yourself to the world, both externally and internally.


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Lydia Yekalam

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