Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Trend Report

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Trend Report

The trends set by the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this season are easy, fun, and very flirty.


I. Apparel: First, floral has not gone out of style (I think it will be a long time before we bid them farewell); second, Black is the new black; third, who needs crazy asymmetrical pieces when you can play with symmetrical shapes?

Left: Noon by Noor, Top Center: ADEAM, Bottom Center: Rebecca Minkoff, Right: Zimmermann

Left: Noon by Noor, Top Center: ADEAM, Bottom Center: Rebecca Minkoff, Right: Zimmermann

In addition to the aforementioned trends, another favorite: goodbye neon, hello pastels!  One of my favorite designs, ADEAM, created by Hanako Maeda, pairs pastels with either bold black pieces or sleek white pieces. Other designers to rock the pastels: Creatures of the Wind by Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters, Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, Marissa Webb, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Pastels were popular a few years ago, so there’s no doubt that you still have some pastel pieces in your wardrobe. Now is the time to pull out those pastel shirts and skirts, and rock ‘em like they’re new! I recommend picking one pastel, and deciding whether you’d like to wear it on the lower half of your outfit (skirt, pants, shorts, etc.) or the top half (shirt, blouse, coat, etc.) and styling the rest of your look with either bold black pieces to class it up or sleek white pieces to get a more feminine look.


II. Makeup: Another trend that I cannot stress enough: bold eyebrows and minimal eye make up. At least one model on the catwalk of nearly every designer sported this look: ADEAM, BCBGMAXAZIRA, Carmen Mark Valvo, Charlotte Ronson, David Tlale, DKNY, Jay Godfrey, and many more


But be warned: this is a trend that I think can get crazy real fast. Definitely practice your bold eyebrows before you sport them on your Valentine’s Day date. Try matching a shade of pencil to your natural eyebrow color, and then going two shades darker. Make a line along the inside of your brow, and gently brush upwards and along the length of your eyebrow hair. If you want to try something even more daring, try adding length to your brows. I also recommend wearing a little bit of mascara as well as some pink or gold eye shadow to complete the look.


III. Shoes: Not that this will come as a shock to anyone, but the most popular shoes on nearly all the models were ankle boots–some of my favorites were sported by Zimmermann, DKNY, and ADEAM.

Photo: Son Jung Wan

If you don’t have a pair already, I recommend you jump at this opportunity. They’re perfect not only for winter, but fashionable for upcoming spring looks as the short length of the boot gives you lots of “leg room” to play with the length of your skirts, pants, or shorts. Make sure that you get ankle boots that leave room between your ankle and the brim of the shoe (at least a finger width), as this makes your legs look much thinner!



What are your thoughts on fashion week? Which trends are you excited for? Share your insights in the comment section below or tweet me @kateeb790!

Kate Brown

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  • Nelli12. Feb, 2014

    Love it.

  • Linda13. Feb, 2014

    There were definitely a lot of pastels on the runways. This trend is here to stay! I enjoyed reading your article, great write up!

    • Kate Brown14. Feb, 2014

      Thank you so much! I love pastels, so I’m so glad there were so many. Especially in the Burberry show!

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