Is Coffee Fashionable?

Is Coffee Fashionable?

Snoozed alarms, traffic, morning rushes — with all the stressed of the early hours of the day, there is something many of us always seem to be able to slip into our schedules: our morning coffee.


Of course, the benefits of everyone’s favorite glorious brown brew are not to be argued with, but is 12 ounces of drip coffee really worth the extra commute? Any realist or wallet friendly penny pincher will tell you it is more economically friendly to do the brewing yourself. In fact, according to Statistic Brain, the average person spends $164.71 on coffee each year when they buy coffee at specialty stores.


How much of that Starbucks latte is actually for a caffeine boost, and how much is just routine? Are we buying coffee to add to our overall look? It is undeniable that a white paper cup adds a chic urban aesthetic to any outfit. Look at blogs like Coffee N Clothes, whose main purpose is finding art and fashion in pictures of just coffee and clothing.




No doubt, having a coffee cup in one hand and your purse in another makes you feel composed, and helps you walk to work with confidence. However, the appeal of coffee these days is about more than just the cup. Coffee is about the coffee shop, and although Starbucks is tried and true, more and more people are opting for the small alternative coffee shops.


Hipster culture strives for local, organic, and independent goods, which is what many local coffee shops can offer that big chains cannot. In addition, coffee culture is leaning away from just the morning commute and gearing more towards the after-work crowd. Coffee shops become a home office away from home. They are clutter free, low key, and give you just the right boost of peer pressure to keep you focused on your work.


Whether you are looking to kick-start your day, or finding a quiet place to finish some work, coffee shops are the place to go. Although it will cost you more in the long run, focus on the fact that you are paying for the overall experience, not just for the coffee itself. Plus, trying out a new coffee shop every now and then can spice up an otherwise boring work week. Add some spice to your life and splurge on the beans. We don’t think you will regret it.


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Lydia Yekalam

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