How to Wear Tropical Print (Without Looking Like a Tacky Tourist!)

How to Wear Tropical Print (Without Looking Like a Tacky Tourist!)

Unlike floral print, the hot summer tropical print trend demands more attention to detail. It can be hard to match shoes, hats, and accessories without looking like a tacky tourist in Hawaii. That does not mean it can not look absolutely fabulous.


Tropical print is a great choice to incorporate into your suitcase on your travels this spring, but they are especially awesome to wear out to lunch with your girlfriend in great weather!


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The most important thing to take note of when you are picking out your accessories for the day is to notice all the colors on your specific print.


If you take a look at the pattern on this adorable dress (pictured left), there are pink and blue flowers and green leaves. These are the best colors to then take and incorporate into your accessories: perhaps hot pink heels, a bright blue bib necklace, or bangles that have gold, green, blue and pink on them.



Generally, gold is the best accessory to match with white, as it really pops with a white background. The same goes for silver jewelry with black colors — the silver really shines in contrast with a black background. Of course, you can mix these suggestions up, especially if there are really wild colors on your print!


The real question is: how can you make sure your accessories do not make you look like a tacky tourist? The best thing is to incorporate accessories that are particularly edgy (like a leather jacket) or classy (try nude heels) that can really give off a specific sense of your personal style.


If it is really warm out, and you do not want to add too many layers (like a really warm leather jacket), you can really spice it up with the perfect hair style. Try a messy bun, or a side braid. It is a flirtatious and stylish completion of your outfit!


What do you think of these ideas for accessorizing tropical print? How do you accessorize? Show me your OOTD on Twitter @kateeb790!

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