How to Stay Cool in the Office This Summer, for Men

How to Stay Cool in the Office This Summer, for Men

In our article, How to Stay Cool in the Office This Summer, we discussed women’s workplace clothing for hot weather. In part two of the series, we are exploring summer options for men.


Women’s fashion easily lends itself to summer skirts and dresses, which are an easy summer alternative to slacks. However, men do not have that luxury.


Esquire senior vice president and publishing director, Jack Essig says “It’s vitally important, if you’re starting out, to dress for the position that you’d like to have in five years.”




With this advice in mind, it is important to avoid dressing too casually when the weather gets hot. However, avoiding casual doesn’t mean you need to nix comfort. In fact, quite the contrary. Richard Dorment, Esquire’s senior editor, advises dressing simply and comfortably for success. “Comfort is absolutely essential … It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much time you’ve spent putting into it, you have to look comfortable to be comfortable to look good.”


These wise words should be remembered, even when the weather is hot. We gathered our best tips on all office essentials to help you look your best all year long.


Shirts. When it comes to shirts, short sleeves should be worn with caution. Of course, some short sleeve dress shirts can be great, but unfortunately the Hawaiian shirt vibe is never far from reality. The best way to avoid that is to look for fitted shirts, as a baggy fit is more likely to look too casual for work. In addition, if you are going to be wearing a jacket, do not wear a short sleeved shirt underneath. Instead, roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved dress shirt.


Pants. Ideally, we would say linen all the way. Unfortunately, linen pants are not really all the rage – or any of the rage. Anything that is not polyester is a great choice. Polyester will not breathe, so instead look for pants that are made with a natural fiber. For a summer look, try rolling up the bottom of your pants. If you do, try wearing no-show socks.


Shoes. Depending on your office, you can go two directions with what shoes you wear. For more casual offices, Sperry’s or canvas shoes may be OK, otherwise you might want to stick with your normal office footwear. Instead of your usual wool socks, try wearing cotton socks, which are a much cooler alternative. Keep in mind that if you do wear socks, they should still be long enough to go past your pant legs, even when your legs are crossed.


One summer tip is to leave an extra outfit at the office. That way, in case you become sweaty on your commute to work or want to change, you have an outfit to keep you looking sharp.


Summer is a great time to break away from your usual look. Try spicing up your outfit with a fun silk tie or a shirt in a color you don’t usually wear. The key to looking summer ready is playing around with colors and prints.


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