How To Pull Off Your Socks And Sandals Style

How To Pull Off Your Socks And Sandals Style

Many of us have lived our lives trying to avoid disastrous fashion faux pas, and socks with sandals is almost always at the top of that list. However this long avoided trend may be making its way into the fashion world after-all.


This season, designers and celebrities alike have been seen sporting the socks and sandals look, pairing their clogs, wedges, and flats with ankle length socks.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson (

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson (

Fashionistas Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson seem to be fans of the trend. They have been spotted wearing matching black sandals with white socks.


Hermes, Band of Outsiders, and Vivienne Tam are among designers who have incorporated the look into their 2014 runway shows.


The socks with sandals look is a perfect way to transition from winter into spring, and is becoming just as fashionable as it is comfortable.




The trick to achieving this look is to make sure the socks and sandals are both complementary colors. You want the socks to add to your overall look — just like any other accessory you would wear– and not to stand out like a last minute mistake.


Socks and Sandals (

Socks and Sandals (

Chunky sandals like Birkenstocks and clogs are great choices because they are thick enough to balance out the added weight of the socks.


In addition, opt for ankle length socks. These are the perfect length to scrunch down, and give you a carefree chic look.






Though at first we were shocked to hear about this look taking off in the fashion world, it is growing on us. No longer a frumpy fashion faux pas, socks with sandals are one of 2014’s biggest trends. Realistically, the socks and sandals style is one of the most wearable looks as it incorporates pieces we already have in our wardrobes.


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