How to Make the Most of Your Old Clothing

How to Make the Most of Your Old Clothing

Cleaning out your closet is a good way to de-clutter and get rid of clothes that do not fit, you do not wear anymore, or you are tired of. It is also a great way to make room for new clothes when you feel it is time to switch up your wardrobe. Once you clear out your closet, buying new clothes can be expensive. Here are three tips to save you money and help you make the most of your old clothes.


1. Host a clothing swap. Tell all your friends to clean their closets too, and invite them over for a clothing swap party. Everyone bringing their old clothes to over is a great way to obtain new clothes and give yours away completely free. It is also an opportunity for a fun night with friends. You can also take all the leftover clothes that no one wanted and either donate them or sell them to a consignment shop.


2. Vinted. Vinted is a website and an app that helps you buy and sell clothes with ease. All you need to do is take a photo of the article you want to sell and post it. Posting is free and you set the price. Vinted makes it easy to browse your favorite brands. Several other websites similar to Vinted include Twice, Tradesy, and ThredUp. Most of these sites also include incentives for new customers.


3. Repurpose. This may require a little more work on your end, but if you are feeling creative and want to create a style that is original and unique, this is the way to go. Repurposing your old clothes to make them into something totally new is a fun way to change up your wardrobe. The finished product can turn into something you really love, and it does not matter if you end up disliking it either.


How do you get the most out of your old clothing? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter @whatsthesich 

Carolyn Ambrosich

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