How to Dress for Women with Large Breasts

How to Dress for Women with Large Breasts

Big boobs are both a blessing and a curse. Blessing for rather obvious reasons, and a curse because it is so difficult to dress.


We interviewed a few girls who had experienced difficulties dressing for their bust size and collected five of their most useful tips.


1. Avoid super high-necked shirts. Extra fabric up top seems to have the opposite effect on bigger breasts than one would expect. Instead of hiding and shrinking, it makes the girls look bigger and more obvious.

A common problem with high-necked shirts is that they are not the right fit, so the fabric up top ends up being pulled too tight, creating an unflattering tautness.


2. Find a good tailor. Tailors help a lot. Especially if you are looking to find a button up shirt, which is essentially impossible. Try buying a bigger size that fits your bust and have it tailored.

Another option is shopping at specialty stores that create sizes specifically for women with bigger busts. One great option is Carissa Rose, an online retailer with a variety of specific sizes. On their website, you can input your bust measurement and your waist measurement to find your size, that way all the clothes you buy will fit you perfectly.


3. Scoop necked shirts are your friends. Scoop neck, v-neck, and any other lower cut shirt looks great because they create the allusion that your boobs are higher up, while also making you look more proportional. Sometimes “scoop neck” shirts made for women with smaller boobs do not quite looked scooped on bigger breasted women. When this happens you can adjust the neckline yourself, like this HourGlassy tutorial, or you may just have to shop at a specialty store like biu biu, Pepperberry and Saint Bustier.


4. Get fitted for the right bra and bra size. A quality bra is key. Sadie Stein from Jezebel agrees. “For the big-busted woman, it’s not just about shape and lift, but comfort and health, too.” Finding bras for anything bigger than a D cup can be a challenge, but this guide from Cosmopolitan has some great tips and fun bras for all sizes.


5. Wear a scarf to cover tight shirts. You can use a lightweight scarf to help cover up a revealing top if you really love it but it shows too much. This way, even if one of your favorite shirts has shrunk in the wash you can wear it without feeling uncomfortable.


Although dressing for full busts does require a few extra steps and tricks, it is not impossible. The key is making sure you have found the right fit — this will allow you to wear almost any style.


What are your favorite tips and tricks for dressing big boobs? Leave your tips in the comments below or tweet me @LydiaYekalam

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