Editorial: The Grandeur of CHARLES OWO In Como Italy

Editorial: The Grandeur of CHARLES OWO In Como Italy


On the northern tip of Italy, bordering the southern part of Switzerland, sits a small city called Como. This magnificent city of only 20,000 citizens is a natural wonder, as it is close in proximity to the serene Lake Como and Swiss Alps.


Culture pours out of this small city, with its abundance of museums, restaurants, churches, gardens, theatres, and parks. But most especially, the city is known for producing the world’s finest silk and wool.


For grandiose quality found nowhere else, designers reach Como, Italy to fulfill their dreams of creating a collection of the finest quality. Like them, Charles Owo chose to pursue perfection by taking a trip to Como, Italy to manufacture only the best collection for his line, CHARLES OWO. Accessories from the CHARLES OWO collection are hand stitched with the unsurpassed material from this culturally vibrant city in Italy.


Discover the wonders of Como, Italy in each CHARLES OWO accessory. Shop the collection now, at http://www.charlesowo.com.


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