Easy DIY Ombre Shorts

Easy DIY Ombre Shorts

It is not uncommon for women to have more than one — if not over 10 — pairs of jean shorts. Over time, you might get tired of having the same boring pair, and as your creative juices start flowing, turning a boring pair of shorts into trendy ombre shorts is the perfect way to spend a summer weekend!


If you are turning a pair of pants into shorts, put your shorts on and then mark them with either a sharpie of some chalk where you want to cut them. Then take them off, and start cutting!


There are two ways you can cut them. If you want them a bit frayed, cut your shorts with scissors that are a little bit more dull. For this, you do not particularly need them to be sharp, as the duller the scissors, the more frayed your shorts will end up being. It does make it harder to cut, so this is a little bit harder.


Fraying Your Shorts (dastrict5.blogspot.ca)

Once you have your shorts cut, to give them more frayed, gate up the hem of your shorts and take sandpaper or a foot grater, and work the fabric until it is as frayed as you would like. You can also take an exact knife to create some holes and to fray the bottom of your shorts.


If you want cleaner lines, it is important to have extremely sharp scissors. If possible, try to get fabric scissors at your local craft store. However, if you do not hem your new shorts or if you do not fold them a new cuff, they will fray over time.


If you do want to cuff your new shorts, leave an extra inch or two (depending on how but you want your cuff to be), so that you can fold it after you are done.


Once you have cut your pants into shorts, or you have your old pair of shorts ready, it is time to get started on the fun part!


Put your shorts in warm water and let it soak for about 10 minutes. This next part is important to do outside, since you will be working with bleach. You want to make sure there is something that can be stained, and that you will not inhale a bunch of fumes! Also, be sure to wear kitchen gloves — ones that can cover your arms as well — so that you do not get any bleach on your skin.


Bleaching Your Shorts (dastrict5.blogspot.ca)

Take a big bucket of some sort (one that you can easily lay your shorts on the edge of) and fill with about two inches of bleach. Put on your rubber gloves, and dip the bottom inch of your shorts in the bleach.


Keep an eye on your shorts, as the amount of time to get a good change in color varies greatly depending on the type of dye that was used in the shorts to begin with. It can take anywhere from a minute to all day.


Then take a little bit of your bleach in a cup or the cap of the bleach bottle, and slowly pour it onto your shorts, about an inch or two above where the shorts are sitting in the bleach. This will give it that faded look, instead of just a line of bleached shorts and not bleached shorts.


Finished Product: Ombre Shorts (dastrict5.blogspot.ca)

Once you have the color you want, rinse with warm water and then throw them in the washing machine. Make sure to wash them separately though, as some color might get on your other clothes otherwise.


If you wanted to cuff your shorts, once they are dry, simply fold them so how you would like them. To keep it in place, iron them on fairly high heat. For extra security, along the side of the shorts, sew the cuff in place.


Once they have been washed and dried, you are ready to show of your trendy new ombre shorts! These are perfect projects to do with friends, at parties, or just by yourself.


You can also do with with jean shorts, skinny jeans, colored shorts, lace shorts, and so much more. Not to mention, you can bleach the top half of your shorts instead of the bottom half! Your options are limitless, so just have fun!


What do you think of the DIY project? Have to done this before? Any tips you would give to others? What creative ways have you spiced up your shorts? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!

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