DIY Easy Neon Toe Shoes

DIY Easy Neon Toe Shoes

Of all the DIY projects out there on the internet, you will not find another project as creative and yet crazy easy. It is the perfect project to breathe in new life to old shoes, and aside from the paint, you probably already have these materials at home.


Neon Toe Shoes (

These beautiful neon shoes are not only trendy, but particularly awesome paired with a classic black body-con dress. There are two separate ways to do this, depending on which shoes you are going to use.


Method 1: If you are using shoes that are made of cloth or suede, you should paint on your neon color.


Because you are painting the color on yourself, you will only need acrylic paint, paper towels, tapes, a brush, Mod Podge glue, and old shoes.


Once you have all your materials, simply tape off the toe to help you get a crisp and beautiful line for your shoe. Then start painting! Do about three coats, letting your paint dry in between each coat.


Once you have done that, apply a thick layer of Mod Podge glue on top, and let that dry completely. Once that has dried, carefully peel away your tape, and you have awesome new shoes!


Neon Toed Shoe Method 2 (

Method 2: If you are going to be using shoes made out of shiny patent leather, you can easily use some spray paint! You will need newspaper, paper towels, tape, and your choice of spray paint. Make sure your spray paint is intended for plastic or that it is a glossed spray paint.


Take some newspaper and line it up right above where you want to paint to start. Take the extra newspaper, and wrap your shoe in it to make sure no paint will go where you do not want it to go.


Covering your shoe in the extra newspaper is the most important part of this project, especially if you are using spray paint, as spray paint is not as easy to control as painting on your color with a brush (although it is much quicker).


Once it is all wrapped up and secure, place your shoes on some newspapers, and start spraying! Once you have done your first coat, let it dry for at least a couple hours, then apply one more coat. Once that coat has dried, carefully peel off your tape and remove the newspaper. You have a trendy new pair of shoes!


What do you think of this project? What color shoe would you pair with which paint? Any creative ideas? Let me know your thoughts and ideas below or tweet me @kateeb790!

Kate Brown

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