Delia’s announces comeback as online-only retailer

Delia’s announces comeback as online-only retailer

When ‘90s fashion chain Delia’s announced that it was filing for bankruptcy in December, it seemed like the sad end of an era to a generation of girls whose teen years were spent sporting all the latest trends straight off of the popular store’s shelves. A recent turn of events has given the formerly doomed retailer a happier end — or shall we say, beginning — to its story.


After being acquired by Steve Russo of Fab/Starpoint, Delia’s will now be making a comeback to the teen fashion scene. However, this fresh start for the brand is coming with a fresh image: Delia’s will be relaunched as an online-only retailer.


Delia's announced its return on Instagram along with the hashtag #DeliasForever and the positive note that online-only shopping means the "store" will always be open (

Delia’s announced its return on Instagram along with the hashtag #DeliasForever and the positive note that online-only shopping means the “store” will always be open (

The shift away from physical shopping locations in favor of focusing entirely on online shopping is not a huge stretch for Delia’s, which got its start as a catalog-only brand back in the ‘90s. Through this comeback, Delia’s is applying a similar business structure to that which launched the brand in the first place. The difference is that rather than moving toward a shopping experience completely centered on catalogs, it’s focusing on a platform that makes sense in today’s markets and to today’s teens: the internet.


Delia’s has been given a unique opportunity that not many brands or companies receive in their lifetimes — namely, the opportunity to reinvent itself with a relatively blank slate. Ultimately, the “death” of the brand followed by its relaunch created a sort of disconnect by which the old Delia’s and the new Delia’s come to seem like two different brands. Naturally, while no company hopes to face bankruptcy, Delia’s has managed to come out of this with a chance to reintroduce itself to a new generation of teens in a fresh new way, as a fresh brand.


That’s not to say that Delia’s is looking to erase the past. On the contrary, the brand has made it clear that this comeback is heavily rooted in the history and essence of the brand. The announcement of Delia’s comeback was accompanied with the hashtag #DeliasForever, showing a clear dedication to staying true to continuing the brand’s legacy, as opposed to detaching itself from the brand it was pre-bankruptcy. Delia’s is also taking this opportunity to reevaluate the modern market and reshape its brand and approach to commerce accordingly.


Delia’s is expected to be back up and running online in August.


Do you think that Delia’s comeback to the teen fashion scene in online form will prove successful in breathing new life into the brand and keeping it from facing the same unfortunate fate twice? Share your thoughts below or tweet me @tamarahoumi

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