Chameleonic couture: London design trio creates fashions that combine chemistry and design

Chameleonic couture: London design trio creates fashions that combine chemistry and design

From a PR perspective, there is an undeniable value in strategic partnerships for companies and brands. By engaging in smart partnerships, companies benefit from strengthening their own brand image while allowing the public to see them in a new light as they grow in cooperation with their new partners. And while strategic partnerships may come in all forms, it is most intriguing when a partnership is born out of two entities that are seemingly unrelated but that prove capable of working together to create something entirely new.


For a trio of London fashion designers known as The Unseen, this is the approach that serves as the foundation for their unique fashion designs, which blend chemistry with design. While science and fashion are two topics we do not typically see associated with one another, The Unseen has managed to combine expert tailoring with chemistry and digital technology to create garments that are all at once avant-garde and entirely captivating.


This fusion of chemistry and fashion has allowed The Unseen to create garments that are chameleonic in the sense that they actually change according to various stimuli. For example, there are the Swarovski bejeweled headdress and the ceramic dress known as Eighthsense, both of which transform according to neural activity. While the former does so using hyper-conductive stones and heat-sensitive ink, the latter relies on an EEG headset. Other designs include sculptural leather jackets that change color in response to stimuli like friction, humidity, and temperature.


While the primary appeal of The Unseen’s unique creations remains in their visually intriguing ability to transform in response to stimuli, the designers behind the innovative line hope to take their designs beyond aesthetics. The goal is to make their combination of chemistry and fashion a tool in creating garments that can actually help people on a regular basis, such as by helping them monitor their health.


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Tamara Rahoumi

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