Body Chains and Boyfriend Jeans: Yay or Nay?

Body Chains and Boyfriend Jeans: Yay or Nay?

So you want to look like Rihanna. Well, okay, you always want to be like Ri-Ri. Or maybe you want to channel that inner Egyptian queen your psychic always told you was your former life. What’s the point of a past life, if you can’t find some anachronistic fashion? Either way, if you’re a fan of body chains, now is your chance to shine bright like a diamond. Body chains paired with distressed, boyfriend jeans have been spotted all over Hollywood this summer. In fact, gold accents have been having their heyday for quite a season’s stretch. Perhaps you don’t want to go as drastic as Miley but you want to forever remain fashion forward? Delicate body chains, specifically subtle ones, could be the answer to your prayers.


Swimwear and on the streets during this season might be the most predictable place to spot the trend, but what about if you’re stuck in an office all day? Adorning your ears and wrist might be a better choice in this case — you don’t want your boss wondering too much about what you do in your copious amounts of free time. Seriously, though, trying on silver or gold strands during a day at the beach might be the best option when deciding if the trend is right for you.


Paired with a bandeau top, the body chain feels like summer’s best accessory. Remember to keep your suit color minimally solid, though; gold and silver accents can totally overwhelm your look if you’re feeling bold florals on top. Hoops and corresponding bangles are optional, but dive in with your best, sultry foot forward.


OK, so the ocean can handle a few stray strands of opulence, but what about the general public? Would they be shocked to see you strutting down the sidewalk in distressed denim, crop top, stilettos, and more? Probably, but you’re the type that doesn’t shy away from taking fashion risks, so screw it. If you’re sincere about going all out, remember to keep colors muted on the rest of your body. Think solid black or whites to pair with gold and silver accents so that you appear chic, not insane. A pretty street option could also include matching a gold body chain with a white eyelet crop top. The eyelet material feels girly and innocent while the solid gold revs things up. Keep the jeans slightly oversized, so that you appear effortlessly styled.


Even if you do start with a small body chain accent to ease yourself into the mix, don’t ever let your style wear you. Take charge of your look everyday. Always remember, keep it cool and keep it fresh when it comes to your style. Don’t take everything so seriously, but do think about what you’re adorning your body with. You are an exotic queen bee, after all.


So, do you vote yay or nay in the case of body chains? Would you mix it with your swimwear and/or boyfriend jeans? I’d love to hear what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro 

Kelsey Browne

Kelsey Browne, graduate of Wake Forest University, majored in English, Film and Entrepreneurship. She has contributed to WFU Style, Gulfshore Life Magazine, and the Naples Daily News. Kelsey believes that every individual deserves an escape from the everyday. Entertainment, to her, is exactly what "Nurse Jackie" might prescribe. Kelsey reports on a variety of stories for MUIPR. Follow on twitter @Kelseymbro.

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