Bloom into spring with these men’s fashion tips

Bloom into spring with these men’s fashion tips

Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation, when the snow melts and the flowers bloom. This spring can be your chance to rebirth and rejuvenate yourself — through fashion.


Here at MUI, we strive to keep up to date with the latest trends, and this includes fashion. Check out the list below for five styles in men’s fashion this spring season:

1. This year on the runways, Fendi sent out a model rocking a pair of black sandals. While his colors were dark and not necessarily characteristic of spring, the sandals proved to be a great way to introduce an element of spring into his look. Check out the awesome pair of sandals above from Moo Shoes — buy them online for $99.99. The best part is that they’re totally vegetarian and free from leather.

2. Light and versatile, denim jackets are a great spring piece. On the runways this season, designers got more adventurous with denim to reinvent the fabric as chic, rather than just practical. Keep the fit of your jacket snug and the wash light to allow for the most versatility and style. Check out the denim jacket from Levi’s above, and buy it here for $68.





3. Floral patterns will see a surge in popularity this spring. Florals are a great and simple way to add an edge of whimsy to your look. When you’re wearing florals, be sure to keep your other clothing articles of a neutral color to accentuate the floral pattern. The floral short sleeve shirt pictured here is from Topman and is unique for its heavier focus on stems and leaves, rather than just on flowers. Buy it online for £28.





4. Another great piece from Topman is their black high shine snapback. Both simple and edgy, this piece is great for lazy days when you don’t feel like putting in much effort but still want to look good. Paired with even just a t-shirt and jeans, this snapback will demand attention and give you a street style edge. Buy it here for £14.

5. The hottest color for this fashion season will be red. Red is the most intense color on the emotions, making the rates of heartbeat and breathing increase. So while it’s a fun, vibrant color, be sure not to overdo it. Try styling your outfit around a key red piece. The dark red jacket above is from River Island and would pair great with a pair of jeans for a night out. Buy it here for $200.








What are you favorite spring 2015 trends? Share your thoughts below or on Twitter @ryanlawlessness

Ryan Lawless

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