Are Men’s Crop Tops the Latest Fashion Trend?

Are Men’s Crop Tops the Latest Fashion Trend?

Crop tops: some people love them, others hate them, but for the past few years girls have been debating on whether or not they should be wearing the trend and how. The short shirts show off anywhere from just a hint of stomach skin to almost a full midriff exposure. Depending on how confident people are with their abdominal region, they often have similar thoughts on the trend as well.



The trend has recently begun making its way into men’s fashion as well. Men are also trying out the crop top trend, and it has taken off in one of the macho sectors of society: rap and hip-hop.


Kid Cudi (

Kid Cudi (

Making news in both music and fashion worlds, Kid Cudi sported a red crop top at his Coachella performance earlier this year in April. A few people argue that crop tops are a style reserved for the ladies, but notes that over a decade ago crop tops were “championed by everyone from Prince to Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”


Kid Cudi fans are not alone in their appreciation for the artist’s look. Men’s crop tops are most definitely coming back into style. There are Tumblr accounts dedicated to pictures tagged #boysincroptops, featuring not only Kid Cudi’s look, but also countless other crop topped men.


Crop tops for men are not quite as readily available as those for women. Although we have seen cropped men’s trends on runways for a few years now — Nick Verreos 2011, Astrid Anderson 2014, Hood by Fall Air 2014 — they have not flourished in clothing stores in the same way women’s cropped tops have. Instead many fans of the trend cut their own, or fold up the bottom of their shirts for a more temporary look.


For more detailed instructions on how to make your own crop top, try this tutorial from the The tutorial suggests that in addition to cutting some of the length off the bottom of the shirt, about six inches shorter than the original length, you should also widen the neck hole to achieve a better overall look.


Another hint from the tutorial is that you should also cut off some of the length from the sleeves. This will help make your shirt look over all put-together, because all the other edges will be raw too.


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