A look at men’s fashion in Spain

A look at men’s fashion in Spain

One of the focuses of PR is grooming the image and presentation of their client. It should come as no surprise, then, that the worlds of PR and fashion are intertwined. In fashion, success hangs on the ability to create trends and desire.


In fashion, PR’s goal is to make a designer’s work appeal to the public. Style and interest in fashion vary by culture and, consequently, the PR representative working with a certain fashion brand must understand the public that he/she is aiming to reach.


Let’s turn to common men’s fashion in Spain, and try to understand differences in fashion as we cross cultural boundaries. Looking at men’s fashion in other cultures can inspire you to approach your own look in a new way.


Perhaps, the most easily noticeable difference in men’s style in Spain is grooming. Spanish men tend to present themselves in a clean-cut way, and the hair is no exception. Spaniards seem to put more effort than average into their hairstyles, leading to a crisp and neat look.


Two of the most important elements of men's fashion in Spain are fit and quality. (pinterest.com)

Two of the most important elements of men’s fashion in Spain are fit and quality. (pinterest.com)

This attention to grooming carries over to overall body presentation, as well. In Spain, Spanish men usually take trips to the gym quite seriously. The fitted, close-fitting style of men’s clothing in Spain makes this apparent.


In addition to the difference in fit of men’s fashion in Spain, there is also a difference in style. Spanish men seem to be more willing to flash flamboyant colors, especially with pants and jackets.


Another takeaway from men’s fashion in Spain is quality. Generally, men in Spain opt for clothes and shoes of a higher quality, and it shows. They value a few quality pieces over a mountain of cheap clothing.


An important note to keep in mind if visiting Spain is that a pair of sweatpants and hoodie won’t cut it. In Spain, no matter what the occasion, most people are dressed well. So if you want to incorporate some Spanish style into your look, gents, make sure to always look your best!


Do you think that differences in fashion are contained within just fashion or allude to larger difference in culture, as well? Share your ideas below in the comments section or on Twitter @ryanlawlessness

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