5 Ways to Incorporate Spring Into Your Work Wardrobe

5 Ways to Incorporate Spring Into Your Work Wardrobe

As you shop this spring’s latest trends to update your wardrobe, one aspect you should not ignore is your work wardrobe. Although many believe that black suits and neutral tones are more appropriate for a work environment, incorporating this season’s inspired trends, such as pastels, prints, and bright colors, can amp up your daily work wardrobe, and keep you looking trendy and professional at the same time. However, we suggest that you keep your color mixture to a minimum.


Below, we have shortlisted five different ways you can incorporate spring’s trends into your work look.


1. Bright colors – Brighten up your dull work wardrobe with some colors. The trick to wearing a work appropriate color is to pick one piece of clothing that will be the focus of color. We recommend you choose a sunny yellow as the focal point of your blouse, shoes, or pants, and make everything else dark solids.


2. Pastels – Wear a pastel pant or skirt suit in the same color for an edgier look. You should consider an off-white or a soft pink pastel. Avoid wearing something too bright in order not to appear too trendy in the workplace.


3. Prints – Do not wear head-to-toe prints. The best way to wear prints in the workplace is to limit it to only one piece, either your pant, skirt, or blouse, while leaving every other outfit solid. Be sure not to mix prints with bold colors, as this may be a bit too loud for a professional environment.


4. Monochromes – Amp up your black blazer and pant with a monochrome blouse, or you can switch up your neutral skirt with a monochrome. Flashy wristcuffs and fashion rings are also ways you can add more bling to your look.


5. Pastel accessories – You can also incorporate spring into your work wardrobe by finishing off your look with a pastel handbag, shoes, or belt. Wearing one solid, neutral color head to toe with one stand out accessory will really make the pastel pop.


How are you incorporating the season’s trends into your work wardrobe? Share your thoughts with us below or tweet me @LindaAmaechi

Linda Amaechi

Linda was born and raised in Nigeria, and moved to Houston, TX some years ago. She has a master's degree from TWU and currently lives and works in NYC. She is an active member of Healthcare Leaders of New York. Linda loves reading and writing about fashion. Two of her fashion inspirations are her maternal grandmother and mother. Her hobbies include budget-friendly shopping, cooking (especially trying out new recipes), reading novels, interior decorating, volunteering, and catching up on her favorite TV shows. Follow Linda on twitter @LindaAmaechi

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