5 celebrity fitness lines to make your sweat session more stylish

5 celebrity fitness lines to make your sweat session more stylish

Fitness attire seems to be the trend of the moment, as more and more celebrities jump on the opportunity to launch their own lines of yoga pants, running shorts, sports bras, and hoodies.


We’re certainly not complaining, as each new line gives us a brand new collection of unique, trendy items to take our workout gear to the next level. Meanwhile, it’s the perfect opportunity for celebrities to shape their own personal brands by expanding their reach into new areas and increasing their relevance by focusing on a market that is especially hot at the moment. It’s certainly a win-win.


Read on to see five of our favorite celebrity launched, or soon to be launched, fitness lines. Check out why each collection stands out in a sea of others!


Kate Hudson fitness line, Fabletics, is displayed while Hudson does yoga.


Fabletics by Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s fitness line, Fabletics, is full of fun patterns, bright colors, and various fits and styles that make the different pieces in the line suitable for women of a wide range of body types. However, the price point may prove to be the most desireable aspect of the new fitness line — an average outfit from the site goes for about $60. Fabletics is about making high-quality, stylish fitness clothing more affordable for women. This way, they can look and feel great while working out, without breaking the bank.


Beyonce smiles and waves at a public appearance


Beyonce for Topshop

If it involves Beyonce, you can be sure it’s going to be fantastic. The singer announced back in October that she would be joining forces with Topshop to launch a line of athletic streetwear for the British retailer. The line is set to appear online and in stores this fall. While there haven’t been many details on the project, we’re sure that between Topshop’s trendy, eclectic style and Beyonce’s personal touch, the line will contain pieces that are just as stunning in the gym as they are out of it.


Rita Ora models her comic book inspired fitness clothing line


Rita Ora for Adidas

Rita Ora’s partnership with Adidas has led to pieces that embody everything that the singer is about: boldness, risk-taking, and bright, fun energy. Her latest collection for the brand is all about pop art, with most pieces looking like they are straight out of a comic book. Not only do we love that these pieces can add a little excitement and fun to our otherwise grueling fitness routines, but we also can’t help but admire the fact that Ora was the first female to partner with Adidas to create her own line.


Singer Carrie Underwood works hard in her Calia workout fitness line


Calia by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is best known for her killer vocals, but the singer is now making a name for herself in the fitness world, as well. With a range of soft colors and feminine prints, the line’s garments are as functional as they are fashionable. Each of Calia’s pieces focuses on versatility and utilizes unique technologies like BodyBreeze and BodyFree to keep you feeling comfortable and confident during your workout and beyond.


Jillian Michaels sits on the floor casually in workout clothes


Impact by Jillian Michaels

Who better to trust with designing workout clothes than a woman who works out for a living? Jillian Michaels is a renowned trainer, and she has a good idea of what it takes to create strong, practical workout attire. Her collection, Impact, focuses on all of the essential features that one would want in their workout clothes — quick drying properties, reflective details, fabrics that ensure breathability, etc. The line is available exclusively at Kmart.


What are some of your favorite fitness lines, celebrity or otherwise? Share them with us and tell us why you love them below or tweet me @tamarahoumi

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