4 Tips For Wrinkle-Free Clothing (Without an Iron!)

4 Tips For Wrinkle-Free Clothing (Without an Iron!)

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You find the most amazing shirt or dress. Then before you get ready to leave for work, you notice there are a few unsightly wrinkles on an otherwise perfect outfit. You don’t have an iron handy, and you only have about 5 minutes! What are you going to do?


Below are the best quick and easy ways to get rid of wrinkles!


1. The flat iron: This works especially well for collars that are not cooperating. Simply heat up the flat iron and “straighten” your clothes! This trick only works with the edges of a skirt, your shirt collar, the cuffs of a shirt, or edges of other types of clothing. Just be sure to swipe the flat iron quickly over your wrinkles and have it at a medium heat (200 degrees max!) as you don’t want to burn your clothes!


2. Dryer: This trick is simple and easy. Get a spray bottle and spritz some water on your wrinkles, then simply throw them in the dryer for 5-10 minutes! You can also just throw a wet washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled item instead of spritzing it with water.


3. The shower: Although this one requires a hot shower and a small bathroom to keep the steam in — which is what helps reduce the wrinkles — this method is a fairly easy way to get rid of wrinkles. Just make sure that you do not get the item wet, or you’ll have more wrinkles than what you started with.


General tip: To employ any one of these recommendations, just be careful to make sure your clothing can handle the heat, dryer, or potential to get a little wet! In other words, no silk, suede, or other materials that are strictly dry-clean only.


What do you think of these methods? Have you tried these before? What works for you? Comment below or tweet me @kateeb790!

Kate Brown

Kate Brown has a BA in Communications and currently resides in San Francisco. She loves creating and engaging in art, and has been a part of art shows all around the west coast! Her favorite pastimes include trying out new cafes and pizzerias, watching HIMYM on repeat, having adventures (aka reading), and writing prologues for random story ideas. Follow her on Twitter @kateeb790!

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