Soul Family Brunch Party: DJ Universe mixes old and new for one-of-a-kind NYC scene

Soul Family Brunch Party: DJ Universe mixes old and new for one-of-a-kind NYC scene

In NYC, you will be hard pressed to find a party scene with a truly unique vibe. For one of NYC’s hottest DJs, the scene needed more soul. DJ Universe sat down with us at MUI Daily News to talk about the Soul Family Brunch Party, a new event sponsored by Absolut Vodka that is aimed at connecting young and old music lovers in this one-of-a-kind brunch party event. The inaugural affair will kick off at 1p.m. on Sept. 19 at Le Souk Restaurant which is located at 510 Laguardia place, New York, N.Y.


MUI Daily News: What inspired this past-meets-present soul music project? Who are you collaborating with?

DJ Universe: I was inspired to create this project in order to introduce (and reintroduce) music from 60s, 70s, 80s back into the present day. Music will feature artists like Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, The Bee Gees, Michael McDonald, Whitney Houston, The Temptations, The Spinners, and more. I feel that music from this era has the highest quality of production and an enormous amount of soul. That soul gives goosebumps, positive energy, happy feeling, good vibes. We are missing that in the present urban nightlife scene in the clubs, festivals, lounges, parties, in general. Most people who hear that music reminisce on how this music makes them feel, and I want that feeling to be present in today’s party/urban/night/day/brunch nightlife.

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I also wanted to connect young people with old people, with the older generation. I wanted [the older generation] to experience the joy of hearing soul music, funk, R&B from their time, and bring them back into the scene and get them dancing again.

The purpose of Soul Family is to elicit a feeling of joy and ecstasy through soul music because it connects with the soul and elevates the senses, more so than any other genre of music. We want to connect young and old, white and black; soul music is something for everyone to connect with.

We are collaborating with the Taste of Africa and the CEO of African Restaurant Week, as well as MUI PR. Absolut Vodka is sponsoring the event. They were excited and jumped right on [at the very beginning]. You can get free martinis and alcohol from Absolut, on September 19 from 1pm to 6:44, which represents Diana Ross’s birthday.


MUI Daily News: Tell me a little bit about this venue. What makes it special?

DJ Universe: Le Souk is a chic Middle Eastern harem style restaurant, with 3 levels and outdoor seating. It is right next to NYU. We do a lot of events around universities to connect with students because they are intellectually open to new ideas. For the Soul Family Brunch Party, it is important to have an open mind about the music because it is not what we see in NYC. There is an enormous sound system, excellent kitchen, and seats about 300 guests.

African cuisine


Event attendees can expect food tasting from two chefs featuring both soul food and Pan-African cuisine. This is a good opportunity to enjoy fine food curated by one of NYC’s top Pan-African chefs.

Of course, the uniqueness includes a focus of music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Music in NYC parties are typically current day hip-hop, electronic, and house music; these genres run the city right now. This is the only place to hear music from the Motown era from fantastic DJs, including me, DJ Universe, and more. This is a four course brunch for $22.95 for early bird tickets — these are running out!


MUI Daily News: What kind of an atmosphere can we expect from these events? Who would be interested in this event? How often do they occur?

DJ Universe: Le Souk is outfitted with chandeliers, hookahs, paintings and art — all luxury, class, regality. People will come for the music, food, and aesthetics.

There will be a mixture of young and old people at event. People from all over will be in attendance: NYC, Jersey, Brooklyn, even Connecticut, and D.C. We can imagine that the atmosphere will be electric, with people singing and enjoying themselves. So far, we are expecting a large turn out.

Anyone who is tired of hearing derogatory and defaming music would love this event. Anyone with kids or anyone who wants to go out and have a nice time with their significant other will enjoy this event. The music of the era had no cursing, no derogatory language. It is just pure, positive energy. Anyone who wants and is seeking positive energy and wants to feed on it should attend this event.

The inaugural party will be on September 19, and another one in October. This will probably be a bi-weekly event, depending on the venue.


Before signing off, DJ Universe left us with a call to action to share, share, share the news about this exciting new NYC event, and come down to experience the electricity for yourself! You can get your tickets here.


Listen here to the Soul Family Classics radio show from DJ Universe, and get yourself in the mood for some of the soulful groove:


“Love, peace, and remember, always, it’s a soul thing.”


Will you be attending the inaugural Soul Family Brunch Party event? Who is your favorite artist from the 60s, 70s, and 80s? Sound off here, or find me on Twitter at @TiffaniJPurdy!


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