#MUIcares: Where to donate toward breast cancer research

#MUIcares: Where to donate toward breast cancer research

October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness month; it is a time to be conscientious of your own health and the health of the women in your life. The aim of Breast Cancer Awareness month is to encourage women to seek medical care and to raise money for a cure to the disease. Breast cancer affects one in eight women — regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, or anything else. With numbers that startling, it is easy to see why everyone is able to identify with the cause.


This month, try to hold off on one of your vices — sodas, cocktails, cigarettes, cute clothes, whatever — and instead donate that money to a worthy charity in the fight against breast cancer.


Here at MUI Daily News and MUIPR, we are passionate about the stories of survivors and the hope for a brighter tomorrow. Join us by using #MUIcares on social media to spread the word, and let people know where they can donate.


Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) – For the month of October, a donor for BCRF is matching any donation, up to $50,000. If you’re really looking to stretch your donation, BCRF is a great place to start — especially this month. BCRF has funded 9,736,960 hours of breast cancer research since 1993. That dedicated time and effort proves BCRF to be the most trusted place to donate for breast cancer research in the United States.


Susan G. Komen race

The Susan G. Komen organization is known for much more than their Race for the Cure events. (LAbest.com)

Susan G. Komen – This organizaton is quite well known for its “For the Cure” marathon fundraising events, but they are far larger than this alone. Susan G. Komen is an international effort focused on providing care for women struggling with breast cancer and funding breast cancer research. Part of the donation money also goes to advocacy groups in Washington, D.C.


National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) – The NBCF mission is similar to the others, with extra emphasis on early detection. Launched in 1991 by a breast cancer survivor, NBCF only continues to grow each year, offering support services and early detection education.


How has breast cancer affected your life? Join our voice in the fight against breast cancer using #MUIcares, and you may see your image on our Instagram page! Let’s talk here or find me on Twitter @TiffaniJPurdy


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