Military analysts question Donald Trump’s plan to fight ISIS

Military analysts question Donald Trump’s plan to fight ISIS

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump plans on fighting ISIS if he gets elected into office, but military analysts don’t believe in the efficacy of Trump’s strategy.


“If I win, I would attack those oil sites that are controlled and owned; they are controlled by ISIS,” said Trump to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.


CNN military analysts looked into Trump’s plan to “bomb the hell” out of Iraq’s oil fields to stop ISIS. After reviewing Trump’s suggestion, they came to the conclusion that bombing oil fields could damage Iraq immensely, while ISIS would suffer minimal losses.


An oil refinery in north Baghdad

Baiji oil refinery, north of Baghdad, in January 2009. (REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani)

“We’ve made some huge mistakes in terms of just bombing things we think can just bring a nation to its knees,” said CNN military analyst Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling. “It’s not the people you’re going against, and yet those are the ones you’re going against the most when you’re talking about indiscriminate carpet-bombing.”


The United States pulled a similar move in the 1990s during Operation Desert Storm by bombing oil fields in Kuwait. The effects of the oil refinery strikes hurt Kuwait for years following the war’s end.


To compensate for the damage his plan would cause, Trump plans on sending over an oil company to quickly rebuild once the fight with ISIS comes to an end. However, Hertling says that this is easier said than done since the surrounding infrastructure would also be destroyed from the attack.


Trump seems to lack a firm grasp on where ISIS receives their revenue. They do make money off of oil sales, but it’s the refineries in Syria supplying the group with oil.


If Trump wins the popular vote, he may want to reconsider his plan of attack. ISIS is a dangerous group that has been causing pain to many civilian lives, but damaging the infrastructure of a country may further harm the innocent.


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