Major news networks misreport terror attack in Israel

Major news networks misreport terror attack in Israel

On Wednesday, there was a deadly terrorist shooting that killed four and left 16 others wounded in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Eyewitnesses described terrorists disguised as religious Jews coming into Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market on Wednesday night and opening fire on civilians. Thus far, at least one terrorist has been arrested. This terrorist attack was labeled as one of the most-deadly terrorist attacks in the past eight months.



CNN’s news story on the subject sparked outrage as it put quotation marks around the word “terrorist” in the headline. In addition, the news story continued to disregard the fact that the attack was a terrorist attack.



Other major world news networks such as BBC, SKY, the Telegraph, and the Guardian misrepresented the terrorist attack by omitting the words “terrorist attack” in favor of a misleading “shooting incident.”



CNN was quick to remove the tweet that misrepresented the terrorist attack and put out an apologetic tweet once they had realized their mistake.



Though wounded by this and many other terrorist attacks, Israel continues to stay strong and prove they are better than those who wish to hurt them. This has been clearly represented as one of the people badly wounded in the attack was one of the terrorists and, though he is the enemy, Israeli doctors have been working tirelessly to repair his wounds.


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