Lebanon bombings go ignored in recent series of ISIS attacks

Lebanon bombings go ignored in recent series of ISIS attacks

France was hit with a monumental tragedy on Friday, when over 120 people were killed in Paris by a combination of ISIS-credited suicide bombings and mass shootings. Similar attacks by ISIS occurred around the world within the same week, yet these other acts of terrorism haven’t been given as much media attention.          


Suicide bombings took the lives of 43 people in Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut on Thursday and injured about 240 bystanders. The number of casualties reached in Beirut only a day before the Paris massacre were comparable to the numbers affected in Paris, yet the current state of Lebanon and its citizens isn’t being publicly discussed as much as Friday’s Paris bombings.                 


Facebook offers option to change profile picture to French flag overlay


Facebook implemented a French flag filter on their website after the Paris attack, so users could cover their profile picture with the flag to show support for France. A similar feature was never added to represent solidarity for the Middle Eastern countries that have been negatively affected by ISIS. Why are terrorist attacks in countries like Lebanon being ignored?     


Terrorist organizations like ISIS have been giving many countries in the Middle East a bad name, and some believe that these groups represent the nations they occupy. Facebook may have decided not to include Lebanon’s flag in the filter options because they thought the website’s users would think they support terrorists. These terrorist groups are separate entities from the countries they reside in, and are bringing harm to innocent civilians throughout the Middle East.


People mourn those lost in Paris attacks


The amount of public mourning done for France has been much greater than Lebanon, which could have something to do with the location of the two nations. Many may not have been surprised by the Lebanon bombings because they have been desensitized by the high number of large scale attacks that occur in the Middle East. However, these types of attacks aren’t as common in Lebanon as some may think.


In 2013, three suicide bombings took place in Lebanon, when there were 160 suicide attacks that took place across the entirety of the Middle East that year. The frequency of these bombings rose to 370 the following year in the Middle East. However, only around 3.5 percent of these suicide attacks occurred in Lebanon.


ISIS’s attack on Paris may have come as more of a surprise than the bombings seen in Beirut, but both regions have suffered great casualties by the hands of terrorists. As each country mourns their losses, they could both benefit from the moral support of other nations.


Has Lebanon been ignored when compared to Paris, after both countries faced a similar tragedy? How could a lack of worldwide support be damaging to Middle Eastern Countries? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @Karbowski_Devon.


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