Israel: Syria’s unlikely hero

Israel: Syria’s unlikely hero

For the past five years, Syria has been self-destructing during its civil war. The world has gone into unrest in search of places for the Syrian refugees to go. Many countries, the United States included, have been debating whether or not to let these refugees into their lands. One country in particular, though, began helping to heal wounded fighters almost immediately. This unlikely ally is Israel.


(Flickr/Saul Tevelez)

(Flickr/Saul Tevelez)

From the start of the war, Israel has attempted to hold a neutral stance. Shortly after, though, Israel realized they could not stay neutral in such a detrimental situation that affects the entire world. Israel began to take wounded fighters into their hospitals to help treat them.


Israel has begun sneaking injured soldiers over the border to be treated in Israeli hospitals in the Golan Heights, the area of Israel that borders Syria. Though Syria appears to be one of Israel’s enemies, Israel has been working hard to help everyone they possibly can.


For the past 41 years, Syria and Israel have been involved in a form of a “bloodless war.” This means while they haven’t had peace, they have not been actively fighting one another. Seeing as this could change at any time, especially with the eruption of the Syrian civil war, Israel has kept a close eye on Syria and has been carefully guarding the border to ensure that their enemies do not attack.


The conflict throughout the Middle East has been a pressing issue for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Israel has always made a great effort in attempting to send aid and help to whichever country may need it. These efforts are not put on pause when it is their enemy at war. Israel still holds strong to its values to help those in need, whoever they may be.


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