Hacktivist group Anonymous declares war on Trump

Hacktivist group Anonymous declares war on Trump

Hacker collective Anonymous Group has once again blown up the media with another public attack. This time, their sights were set on Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Anonymous has announced their release of personal information that belongs to the GOP candidate. This information includes Trump’s alleged Social Security number, cell phone number, and home address, as well as other personal information.


Anonymous, the secret group of hackers that aims to uncover “government and establishment hypocrisy,” is responsible for the exposure of many notorious scandals, and has been a headline in many high profile media scandals for overthrowing websites such as PayPal, Visa, and the Westboro Baptist Church.


An Intern activist who formerly worked with Anonymous, Gregg Housh, describes the group:

“[It is] an amorphous group of people that can include anyone who wants to use the brand to put forth their cause. There is an overarching desire to combat censorship, promote freedom of speech, and counter government control that sparks people in the so-called collective into action.”


These motives led the group to the vigorous attacks against Trump. However, Anonymous did not only leak information about the GOP candidate. They also targeted close family members and leaked personal information associated with his spokesperson, campaign manager, and other members of his family.



The group of hacktivists have also declared another wave of attacks that are supposedly happening this Saturday.


Do you agree with the anti-Trump hacking? What do you think Anonymous will release next? Let me know by tweeting me @julimiller97

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