Fashion Calendar: Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Shows You Should Know

Fashion Calendar: Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Shows You Should Know

As summer comes to a close in the real world, the season is just beginning for the fashion world. During the first few weeks of fall, we will see designer’s collections for the upcoming year as they debut their Spring and Summer clothing lines at Fashion Weeks around the globe, namely in the top most international cities: New York, London, Milan, and Paris, as well as many other smaller cities.


In anticipation of the upcoming season, we have created a fall Fashion Week calendar for our fashion forward readers.


September 4 — September 11, New York.

New York City’s fashion event is amongst the biggest in the world. Although the event will take place in fall, the styles on display will be for Spring/Summer 2015. Starting off as the season’s first fashion event, New York will showcase the most well-renown designers from around the world and attract A-listers of all types. If you want to experience one of the biggest events in fashion, this is where you want to be during the first week of September.


September 12 — September 16, London.

Promptly after the close of New York’s fashion week, the celebration of fashion will begin across the Atlantic in London, England.


September 17 — September 23, Milan.

Also showcasing clothing for Spring/Summer 2015, Milan, Italy’s fashion week will be focused on women’s clothing only. Similar to New York, Milan will attract Europe’s finest designers.


September 23 — October 1, Paris.

To many, Paris is the most luxe city in the world. Unlike the other three events, the Parisian fashion celebration is still put together by the French Federation of Fashion, while the other three events are organized by Mercedes Benz. Known for their high taste in fashion and excellent handiwork, this international city is the last of the “Big 4” Fashion Week’s to take place, and guarantees the fashion event goes out with a bang.


If you are looking for some more low key fashion events, check out local listings. Chances are there is a Fashion Week in your city, like this one we found in Portland, Oregon.


September 29 — October 2, Portland.

Compromised of four days of runway shows, 30 pop-up shops, and 19 musicians, Portland Fashion Week is the place to be for local fashion. All the clothing on display is created by local designers from the Oregon area.


Have you ever been to Fashion Week? What did you think of it? Comment below or tweet me @LydiaYekalam

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