Colorado police on the hunt for serial sniper terrorizing town

Colorado police on the hunt for serial sniper terrorizing town

People tend to fear most what they cannot see; even in warfare, armies fear snipers and place immense bounties on their heads in order to see them brought down. That fear becomes amplified when lone sharpshooters set their sights on civilians.


Colorado — a state still reeling from the fallout of the Aurora shooting in 2012 — once again fears the toll of gun violence on the state. This time, a possible serial sniper has descended upon the town of Loveland, Colorado; the shootings began in April, when 21-year-old Cori Romero took a bullet to the neck from long range while driving her car. She survived the ordeal, but in the following weeks, John Jacoby and William Connole lost their lives to similar shootings.



Map of Colorado indicating all four locations of the recent shootings.

This map shows the proximity of the four shootings in Colorado, but no correlation stems between all four. (

Over the weekend, another victim was gunned down under similar circumstances. However, investigators have urged calm among the public, as this shooting does not seem connected to the other three. All of the shootings occurred within 15 miles of one another, and the first two — Romero and Jacoby — have been connected by ballistics.


A task force has assembled to investigate the attacks, with a $10,000 reward offered to anyone with vital information as to the whereabouts of the shooter. Unfortunately, the task force has remained relatively silent with regards to releasing information to the fearful public. Former FBI agent Brad Garrett believes this unwillingness to share represents a misstep, as engaging the public can ease civilian concerns and lead to new developments.


Citizens of Loveland may know something the task force simply cannot — people with grudges, people with mental disorders, etc. — Garrett explained:

“You don’t pick Windsor and Loveland, Colorado just out of thin air. You pick them because you have some history in those locations … there is a great likelihood that this shooter lives in the community, has a history in the community, [and] works in the community.”


Aside from this, Garrett believes that the best thing that concerned members of the public can do is go about their daily lives, but keep an eye out for irregularities. In his own words, the trick is: “don’t be paranoid, just be aware.”


From Columbine, to Aurora, and now Loveland, Colorado has seen more than its fair share of gun violence over the years. This only continues to raise questions about the rampant, systemic problem of gun control and gun violence in our country. One can only hope that the people of Loveland stay safe and this sniper’s grip on the town comes to a swift conclusion.


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