Buzz Aldrin pushes for Mars colonization with help from students

Buzz Aldrin pushes for Mars colonization with help from students

Buzz Aldrin, 85, is working with the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) to create a “master plan” for an ambitious proposal to NASA; they are pushing for the colonization of Mars by 2039.



Aldrin retired from NASA over 40 years ago, but he still has goals of advancing space exploration by the 70th anniversary of his moon landing. This fall, the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute will open to FIT students who want to help research effective strategies to colonize Mars. Aldrin’s plan so far involves using two of Mars’s moons, Phobos and Deimos, as stepping stones for astronauts. Of course, more research is needed to work out all of the engineering aspects of colonization. Aldrin’s attempt at developing a colonization plan couldn’t come at a better time, now that NASA is slowly preparing to send people to Mars.      


A solar powered dome sits in a desert field in Hawaii

The dome in Hawaii will serve as an experiment in the Mars colonization endeavor. (

On Saturday, NASA gathered six willing participants to live inside of a dome for one year in Hawaii for an isolation experiment to simulate what life would be like on Mars. This is the longest isolation experiment set up in the United States, and it will help NASA learn more about humans living in close quarters for extended periods of time. The trip alone to Mars would last over six months, and the amount of time the astronauts will spend in space would be much greater than a year. If Aldrin’s plan is accepted by NASA, then the astronauts sent to Mars could be gone for 10 years.


“The Pilgrims on the Mayflower came here to live and stay. They didn’t wait around Plymouth Rock for the return trip, and neither will people building up a population and a settlement,” said Aldrin.      


Aldrin’s dream of seeing Mars colonization may become a reality since NASA has stated that they hope to head towards Mars sometime in the 2030s. He is so dedicated to having his plan chosen by NASA, he moved from California to Florida to work with his team at the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute.  


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