Benefits of U.S. Relations with Cuba

Benefits of U.S. Relations with Cuba

After leaders of the United States and Cuba met for the first time in over 50 years, the United States removed Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, along with the embargo on the country. This is already a historical event, but the benefits of this meeting have a much further reach than first realized.


Donté Stallworth of the Huffington Post writes that in light of Obama’s mending of Cuban-American relations, “American national security experts see an opportunity to enhance intelligence-gathering, step up the fight against corruption and crime, and improve America’s geopolitical standing.”


President Obama shakes hands with Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Barack Obama recently met with Cuba’s leader Raul Castro, furthering political relations for the first time since the Cuban Revolution. (

The two nations have cooperated for years in fighting the illegal drug trade throughout the Caribbean, and it is expected that cooperation and free exchange of information will only increase.


However, benefits of the recently improved Cuban-American relations do not end here.


Cuba’s advances in cancer treatment, for instance, are now headed for the United States. The nation has developed a lung cancer vaccine called CimaVax, which “helps treat symptoms and recurrence.” The advancements on healthcare and research in Cuba could now start to transfer to the United States.


Additionally, collaboration between the two nations may help the U.S. intelligence cooperation’s efforts. Experts are hopeful that improved collaboration will help to suppress movements throughout the Caribbean by both the Russian Organized Crime syndicate and North Korea’s smuggling operations.


In the coming months, newborn relations between Cuba and America will also likely impact relations between the Cuba and European nations and the United States and China.


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