“There’s an app for that,” and the music industry should take advantage

“There’s an app for that,” and the music industry should take advantage

Just a few months ago, Instagram launched their new account @music to embrace its musically inclined user base. Now, the music business is moving to embrace its social media user base. Mobile apps like Snapchat already have standing agreements with record labels, including Warner Music Group, Vice Media, and Comedy Central. This trend is slowly spreading to other mobile apps, but what is it about this arrangement that makes the combination of social media and music streaming so appealing?


Glenn Peoples at Billboard contemplated the same sentiment and explored the subject matter further. He stated that “mobile apps are drawing incredible numbers of users and adding new services to become stickier.” His claims are influenced by a presentation compiled by Mary Meeker, the partner of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Blyers and author of “Internet Trends 2015” a report published last week.


The report exposed the tremendous growth in numbers since the introduction of the Internet and through its continued popularity. Her presentation, which is composed of 195 slides and also available to view in PDF format, compares data between 1995 and 2014. According to the report, the modern citizen is evidently surrounded by all things Internet.


A man in front of a wall of icons representing mobile apps.

The music industry is encouraged to take advantage of social media apps to broaden its audience.(idealog.co.nz)

Society’s fascination, and now dependency, on the Internet has influenced mobile phone carrier companies to develop devices that offer portable access to the World Wide Web. With those phones came widgets and applications to give devices more practical uses and transform them from being a luxury to being a necessity. “Media companies need to adapt their content for new, popular technologies,” says Peoples.



Now, the music industry is taking a strong interest in developing their content and looking to take advantage of the new normal. Simple partnerships between the top dogs of the entertainment industry and mobile app kingpins (or even startups!) would make the world a bigger and more accessible audience. The advantages of partnerships between social media users and competitors within the music industry are wide ranging. Musical acts can easily use this method as a new marketing strategy, to gain more exposure.


Snapchat’s partnerships are just examples of what can come from merging the music industry with social media. It may seem like an old and recycled idea, but there really should be more players in the game. When Meeker proposes her new evaluation, wouldn’t it be an amazing thing to see how a simple mobile app sets a trend?


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Antoinette Ochoa

Antoinette Ochoa is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, continuously following her passions for music and writing. Today, Antoinette bounces around Southern California teaching high school performing arts programs and participating in ensembles of her own. She also enjoys discovering the hidden gems of the cities around her and sharing her finds with her partner in crime. Follow her on Twitter @antoinette_8a

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