SoundCloud’s new partnership will promote over 20,000 independent labels

SoundCloud’s new partnership will promote over 20,000 independent labels

Among the recent music streaming legal battles, SoundCloud has remained unscathed in terms of copyrights and music licensing. The company has taken all the right steps since its creation in 2007 to provide to music listeners in a legal manner.


In August 2014, SoundCloud launched a partner program under the name of On SoundCloud, and any label, artist, or company that engaged in a contract with the service was categorized as a Premier Partner.


The title Premier Partner comes with an amazing amount of benefits, most of which can be seen short term but will also grow exponentially in the long run. Partners are by exclusive SoundCloud invitation only, which allows access to exclusive features, promotional opportunities, and even the chance for profit through the music platform. By collecting ad generated revenue, SoundCloud was able to begin paying out some of the artists and labels enlisted as a Partner.


As of March, On SoundCloud recruited and supported 100 Premier Partners. The success rates skyrocketed almost immediately. A producer by the name of Sizzlebird doubled in user subscription in two weeks. This fast moving appreciation led to 1.3 million plays of a track exclusively sponsored by Jaguar. This is a prime example of how On SoundCloud is helping the independent music community quickly and efficiently and a reason for others to invest.


SoundCloud and Merlin logos side by side in an image.

SoundCloud’s new partnership with Merlin could bring about a new form of music discovery. (

Just last week, that investment went up a little bit more. On SoundCloud announced their partnership with Merlin, a global network of just about 20,000 independent music labels. This partnership will allow SoundCloud to provide exposure to countless artists whether they are emerging or barely beginning a musical journey. Other smaller labels and even brands can also take advantage of this chance to appeal to an audience that will literally listen to anything they can find.


For example, the label Beggars Group includes the network for 4AD, which supports popular artists The National, Atlas Sound, and Ariel Pink. For those who venture mostly towards the rock genre, Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys’ label Domino is in the Merlin network. Kid Koala and Kelis are signed with Ninja Tune, also with Merlin, taking SoundCloud towards the dance music genre.


The company’s goal is to have 100 million tracks uploaded to the service. With this new partnership, that goal seems incredibly achievable.


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