Simon Cowell wants to know: Who has what it takes to be the “Ultimate DJ”?

Simon Cowell wants to know: Who has what it takes to be the “Ultimate DJ”?

The world’s beloved sarcastic judge is back to offering his opinions. This time, though, he’s looking through a whole new genre. “Ultimate DJ” is the new dance music talent search television show slated to debut in the spring of 2016. Thanks to the partnership of Simon Cowell, Ultra Music’s co-founder Patrick Moxey, and Yahoo! Live, some of the world’s best DJs have a new method of exposure.


According to Moxey, “When you think about the underground music that Ultra started with 20 years ago, and how it’s now become a global lifestyle phenomenon today, to me, this is the next step up in the evolution of this phenomenon.”


The show will provide a “massive global platform for new and emerging artists.” It will be produced by one of Hollywood’s top entertainment directors, and available via Internet stream through the services of Yahoo! Live.


DJ Steve Aoki performing in front of a live audience.

DJ Steve Aoki will reportedly serve on the judging panel for “Ultimate DJ” beginning in Spring 2016 (

Matching the format of “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “X-Factor,” this new show  will “take contestants, people with fantastic talent, and put them out to a mass audience,” says Moxey. Contestants will reportedly have their talent judged by “Wonderland” artist, DJ Steve Aoki. Winners of the show will be offered a record contract with Ultra Records and Sony Music, as well as a headlining spot at an electronic dance music festival.


The idea behind the show was once pitched in 2012, but back then EDM was still a very new music genre.  As EDM becomes more popular and gains traction, “Ultimate DJ” is a sound investment. Existing artists will have an arena, one that pop and country musicians have had, to compete head-to-head against other artists striving for the same success. This show can now serve as motivation for any striving artist to enter the dance music genre which contributes to the growth of EDM.


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