Pharrell’s ‘Freedom’ music video brings light to those oppressed

Pharrell’s ‘Freedom’ music video brings light to those oppressed

To aid with the launch of Apple Music, Pharrell Williams launched his music video for new hit single, “Freedom.” The video is a compilation from global scenarios, such as people experiencing oppression or the challenge of attaining freedom.



Williams is dressed as a worker, with the first verse taking place in a work area where laborers are ordered by security guards to continue intense physical labor. The video shows images of others whose lifestyles are oppressed due to their religious beliefs, genders, or work setting.


The lyrics begin with the words: “Hold on to me / Don’t let me go” referring to freedom as an item. The first verse ends with the words: “Mind use your power / Spirit use your wings.” This alludes to the idea that freedom is all within the mind and spirit of an individual, and that it isn’t something that should be taken away.


"Hold onto me" stitched onto the back of a jacket


His settings throughout the video refer to historical moments, for example, the abolishment of slavery. Additionally, a close up shot is shown of a woman covering most of her face with clothing, except for her eyes. This refers to the practice of women covering up almost completely, as stated by a governing body. One of the final settings is of workers within a garment factory, slaving away at sewing machines.


Each of these scenarios can be overcome with mind and spirit striving and fighting for freedom. Williams uses his words and creativity with added jazz elements to promote the value of freedom and its fragility.


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