New ‘Hearthstone’ expansion is bringing changes on a grand scale

New ‘Hearthstone’ expansion is bringing changes on a grand scale

In July, Blizzard started teasing a few of the newest 132 cards that the Hearthstone “Grand Tournament” expansion has to offer. Some of the cards are underwhelming, such as Flame Juggler, which deals one damage to a random enemy minion. However, many of the new cards revolve around buffing the hero power of each class, which will create a big shift in each player’s strategy.


New cards from the latest Hearthstone expansion


It’s no secret that not all hero powers were created equally. The mage class has one of the strongest hero powers in the game, while the shaman class is faced with one of the worst hero powers. Four of the shaman classes’ newest cards have been released, and all but one of them buffs its hero power by including a totem related effect.





Professional “Hearthstone” streamers Jason “Amaz” Chan and Jeffrey “Trump” Shih were given the opportunity by Blizzard to test out some of the new cards. Shih used the strong mage class, while Chan chose the arguably weaker shaman class. Although Shih took the win in their close game, they proved that each class is now much more evenly matched.


Druid card from new Hearthstone expansion


The Druid class has also been plagued with one of the weakest hero powers, but one of the newest cards teased by Blizzard could help change that. The Savage Combatant card has the new “inspire” mechanic that activates its ability when the player uses their hero power. When this card is on the field, the Druid’s base hero damage will triple, making it a much bigger threat to minions.


Some classes have had little to no cards revealed, making it too early to tell which class will come out on top in the newest expansion. For the time being, we are able to see that lesser used classes are receiving buffs that could make them a force to be reckoned.


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