Lexxistalking Entertainment “TDMP: The Dance Movie Project” trailer demolishes all time views on social media

Lexxistalking Entertainment “TDMP: The Dance Movie Project” trailer demolishes all time views on social media

Africa’s first Afrobeat dance movie hit nearly five thousand views on Facebook over a six-hour period today—special thanks to OkayAfrica, the largest online destination for new African content. (The TDMP trailer also hit over 6,000 views on YouTube today).


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In response to their record breaking views on Facebook, Executive Producer Alexander “Lexx” Ore and Associate Producer Alvin Moonsear said, “We are so thrilled to all our fans around the world, and the OkayAfrica publication for facilitating TDMP’s historic record on social media today!”


“We are happy to see how the TDMP trailer continues to deliver excitement to many people around the world. This record-breaking support from our fans on social, is nothing short of amazing. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to see TDMP,” said Idahosa Osagie, TDMP director.


With the movie coming to the big screen this summer, moviegoers can join in the excitement for TDMP: The Dance Movie Project, by watching and sharing the latest trailer below.



About “The Dance Movie Project”

The Dance Movie Project (TDMP) follows two brothers who despite the disapproval of their single mother, continue to chase their passion for dance in Lagos, Nigeria. The lives of the brothers take an unexpected turn for the worst, when their ailing mother is diagnosed with diabetes.

As the brothers scramble to find options to save her life, the largest national dance competition in Nigeria’s history is announced with a lucrative prize pool. The brothers alongside their dance crew decide to embark on a journey to compete in the national dance championship.

Will dancing offer a way out for the brothers to save the life of their mother or will it ultimately destroy their family? For additional information, go to http://tdmpthemovie.com.


About Lexxistalking Entertainment

Lexxistalking Entertainment is a NYC based film production powerhouse with satellite locations in Nigeria, West Africa. Founded in 2009, Lexxistlaking’s global operations include motion picture and music production, digital content creation and product development for the entertainment industry, and operation of pop-up dance studios. For additional information, go to http://lexxistalking.com/.



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