John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick go head to head on Lip Sync Battle

John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick go head to head on Lip Sync Battle

LL Cool J’s “Lip Sync Battle” on Spike TV has become an entertainment sensation with some of our favorite celebrities pulling out all the stops to win this competition. Last week, the lovely Anna Kendrick and stunning John Krasinski took the stage, showcasing their love for some old and new classics. 


Revisiting the 90s era, Krasinski chose boy band *N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” and mimicked the puppet-like dance moves as choreographed in the original music video. He prefaced his performance with a comment on Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon‘s friendship, then hoped to impress the audience with his dance moves. Unfortunately, Krasinki felt a little pain in his knee, so his act wasn’t as stellar as he hoped.


In her battle responses, Kendrick opened up with “Steal My Girl” by the current teeny bopper band of choice, One Direction. Taking the microphone with a confident bad boy manner, Kendrick revealed to Krasinski her love for his wife, Emily Blunt. Jokes aside, it seemed that the audience loved this heartfelt message by the “Pitch Perfect” star.


Actor John Krasinski dances in a silver sequined dress on "Lip Sync Battle"

John Krasinski shows off his love for Tina Turner in this silver sequined dress on Spike’s “Lip Sync Battle” (

On their second round, both celebrities put on quite a production. Krasinski came out originally dressed to the nines in a dark suit and tie, mouthing along to the classic, “Proud Mary.” Just as the beat picked up, he had an on stage costume change revealing a silver sequined dress with fringed fabric draping his hips. Four back up dancers supported Krasinski’s strut on stage during this great Tina Turner tribute.


Matching his dance moves, Kendrick dropped it low to the beat of Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty,” showing off her hip-hop and dance precision skills. As her grand finale, the one and only J-Lo herself entered the stage through a cloud of smoke in a gold dress.


All performances were impressive, to say the least. But this is a battle, and there can only be one winner. Earlier this month, Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt, challenged the talented Anne Hathaway in an unforgettable performance, but Hathaway stole the show. Anna Kendrick was the clear front runner this time, leaving the couple with a zero in the win column in these Lip Sync Battles.


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