In Brightest Day: Casting the “Green Lantern” Solo Movie

In Brightest Day: Casting the “Green Lantern” Solo Movie

Look, we can all agree that 2011’s “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds did not do the Emerald Knight any favors. A mess in terms of everything from tone and script, to direction, the film meant to start a DC cinematic universe flopped, leaving it up to “Man of Steel” to pick up the scraps two years later. Now, with Warner Bros. finally getting their own DC cinematic universe in full swing, it seems Green Lantern will get shot at redemption in 2020.


However, unlike many other superhero films, rumors have circulated that this film will feature a team-up of multiple human Lanterns, rather than a lone hero. This is a model that Marvel has proven effective with “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Avengers.” Let’s take a look at which Hollywood stars could portray the most popular members of the Green Lantern Corps.


Green Lantern: Chris Pine

Chris Pine (

HAL JORDAN – Chris Pine

Let’s start off with one of the more likely options: Chris Pine as Hal Jordan. The first Green Lantern — not counting Alan Scott, who is not a member of the Corps. — Hal Jordan is a cocky test pilot, and first human to ever be inducted as Green Lantern. What makes Pine work so well for the role is that as Captain Kirk in the “Star Trek” reboot, he has already exemplified many of Jordan’s key traits. Both Chris Pine and Ryan Reynold (the previous Jordan) have impeccable comedic timing necessary for the cocky Lantern, but Pine has arguably already proven he has a much stronger acumen to showcase Jordan’s leadership and bravery in battle.


Green lantern: Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White (

JOHN STEWART – Michael Jai White

The most obscure entry on this list, Michael Jai White is no stranger to starring in DC properties: he portrayed Bronze Tiger on “Arrow,” died at the hands of the Joker in “The Dark Knight,” and starred in the “Spawn” movie in the 1990’s. Fans of John Stewart — most of whom likely know him from the “Justice League” cartoon — know him as the stern, no-nonsense drill sergeant of the team; in reality his origin goes back much further, as a product of the civil rights movement. An ex-soldier and architect, Stewart can create some of the most durable constructs of any Lantern in existence. White definitely has the physicality of a superhero, but most importantly can portray Stewart’s gruffness in a way few actors — black or not — can today.


Green Lantern -Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper (

GUY GARDNER – Bradley Cooper

If Chris Pine did not exist, then Bradley Cooper could have actually made for a decent Hal Jordan; on the other hand, he is so much better suited for Guy Gardner. Compared to Pine, Cooper’s resume skews much closer to comedy — see: “The Hangover,” “Wet Hot American Summer,” and “Wedding Crashers” — so the loudmouth Gardner would be right up his alley. This is a Lantern so obnoxious that Batman once punched him in the face. However, Gardner is still a hero, and the one Lantern so full of rage that he can wield a red power ring — but that’s a story for another day; Cooper’s dramatic turns in films such as “American Sniper” have shown him to be much more than a pretty face and a loud mouth.


Green Lantern-Joseph Gordon Levitt as Kyle Rayner

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (

KYLE RAYNER – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sweet, sensitive Kyle. A struggling cartoonist, Rayner differs from the other Lanterns in that he has complete mastery over the entire emotional spectrum. He is not fearless, so much as he has an unrivaled capacity to overcome the fear he feels. Joseph Gordon-Levitt could bring a younger, more emotional element to the team, rounding out the cocky machismo of the other Lanterns. If the movie is successful, we could even see him eventually become a White Lantern — a great moment in comic book history.




Who do you think should star in the “Green Lantern” film? Do you agree or disagree with these choices? Comment below or tweet @connerws to tell us what you think!

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