Four reasons these African countries may not be ready to Netflix and chill

Four reasons these African countries may not be ready to Netflix and chill

Last month, Netflix launched its service globally — to the joy of people in 130 countries across the world. Now that Netflix is available across Africa, it’s about time to note problems the service can encounter.


Existence of other channels

Netflix may be a global name, but there are a number of quality internet media streaming providers targeting African consumers. One of them was even dubbed the “Netflix of Africa.” African owned streaming services like Nigeria’s iROKO and South Africa’s ShowMax may be more in tune with the unique expectations of their local audiences than Netflix. African streaming services are also expanding on their own content and are not going anywhere soon.


Broadband access in Africa


High cost of (slow) data

In spite of some providers launching discount data packages to entice new customers, broadband prices in most African countries are ridiculously high. Few African countries have the kind of true unlimited data that makes streaming videos online a satisfying, binge-worthy experience.


Censor boards

A little over two weeks into Netflix’s expansion into Kenya, the country’s Film Classification Board (KFCB) announced that the service was a threat to national security. The KFCB, which regulate all visual media in Kenya, has labelled Netflix a threat to the country’s “moral values and national security.” Netflix could end up banned, if it does not bow to demands to remove “inappropriate content.” There’s a possibility that other African countries may follow the steps of the KFCB.


Mobile is more popular

Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to see 100 percent mobile penetration by 2021. The future of Africa TV is also mobile, with most consumers accessing TV content on their phones. Companies such as Ericsson have launched a mobile TV application in the hopes of tapping into this trend. Does Netflix and chill still work when you are watching the movie on a mobile device?


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