The Music of the World Cup

The Music of the World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup, taking place this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a much anticipated event where people from all over the world come together to watch soccer and celebrate oneness. Oneness is the theme of the 2014 official World Cup album, entitled “One Love, One Rhythm.” The album is a collection of 14 tracks that feature international stars, such as Shakira and Ricky Martin, along with popular Brazilian artists.


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FIFA was excited to partner with Sony Music Entertainment to create the album stating,

“The partnership with Sony Music Entertainment has allowed us to add some of the world’s biggest musical superstars to the FIFA World Cup line-up. I’m sure that music and football fans all over the world will enjoy this great combination of top international stars and fantastic Brazilian artists and that this album will add great rhythm to the footballing action in Brazil.”


Pitbull and Lopez on the set of their music video for “We Are One” (

The official song, “We Are One (Ole Ola),” is sung by Pitbull and features Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte. The song is a bilingual track, with Leitte singing parts in Portuguese; it is upbeat and   captures the spirit of togetherness and celebration that the World Cup is all about. Pitbull expressed his excitement about the song and the tournament saying, “I truly believe that this great game and the power of music will help unify us, because we are best when we are one.” Pitbull, Lopez, and Leitte are scheduled to perform the song at the opening ceremony on June 12.



Ricky Martin has a track on the album as well titled “Vida.” Martin recently resealed the music video for “Vida,” which was shot in Brazil. The video was not heavily directed, as Martin wanted it to have a very natural vibe and setting. Similar to Pitbull’s song, “Vida” is celebrating Brazilian culture and a celebration of life. The song was written as part of the SuperSong competition hosted by Sony. The SuperSong competition gives songwriters from around the world to be a part of the World Cup album. Elijah King wrote the winning song “Vida” and can proudly say his song is featured in the 2014 World Cup.


The music of the World Cup is a celebration of all the things that bring people together. The album is a great way for World Cup fans to enjoy the sounds of Brazil while they come together to cheer for their teams.


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