Spotify Recommendation: tUnE-yArDs

Spotify Recommendation: tUnE-yArDs

If you are in the process of revamping your iTunes library or looking for an artist to play on shuffle with Spotify, one that may presuade you is: Tune-Yards.


Stylized as tUnE-yArDs, the band is headed by Merrill Garbus, who contributes the main vocals to the group’s singles.


Garbus, in fact, is the reason one should listen to the musical art that is tUnE-yArDs. The 35-year-old musician revolves around a care-free (yet aware) lifestyle, as apparent by her appearance. Customarily, Garbus often lays streaks of paint on her face in a warrior-like fashion, as if she can take on the world.


Popular singles of tUnE-yArDs include “Bizness,” “Gangsta,” and “Powa.” All three appear on the band’s second album, “WHOKILL,” and present listeners with fast-paced instrumentals, as well as belting vocals from Garbus. The music that fans receive from tUnE-yArDs is like no other with sensational beats that move one to dance, sing along, or tap one’s feet.


Of them all, “Bizness” is one track that is very tasteful to the ear. The song involves multiple instrumentals advancing into an awakening medley of beats that works amazingly. At first, there is a light harmony of “oohs” and “ahhs,” which then leads into sounds that resemble a xylophone harmonizing with the echo of wooden sticks being hit over and over again.


The song’s instrumental advantages are heightened by the vocals of Garbus, who makes her music rise from the soul and encourages listeners to join her in her outcry. The lyrics of the song can be loosely interpreted and related to various situations.


For example, “what’s the business, yeah/ don’t take my life away/ don’t take my life away,” can be taken as either a discussion about the end of a relationship or even an endangering moment of one’s life. Either way, the message is clear that the sole purpose of the song is to ask, “what the hell?”


It is song’s like “Bizness” that make tUnE-yArDs worthy of a large-scale fan base. However, despite their mediocre fame, tUnE-yArds continues to make music and even have an album coming out in May, “Nikki Nack.” Before that is released, though, add to tUnE-yArDs to your Spotify playlists and become addicted.


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