Mark Your Calendar: Firefly Music Festival

Mark Your Calendar: Firefly Music Festival

Mark your calendar, everyone! Firefly Music festival is coming up June 19 through 22. This epic four-day music festival takes place in Dover, Del. and features awesome bands, such as The Lumineers, Arctic Monkeys, Grouplove, Jack Johnson, and Imagine Dragons, among others.


This festival is a unique experience for music lovers of all genres. It is the ultimate religious experience of music; everywhere you turn, there are amazing bands performing great live music to thousands of people. There are seven different stages at the Firefly festival: the Firefly Main Stage, the Backyard, the Lawn, the Porch, the Forest, the Coffee House, and the Big Break. Bands play at these seven stages, non-stop all day long, giving you a variety of choices for who you want to see, and the option to go from band to band and take in the full experience. You can access the full four-day play by play schedule here.


Since Firefly is a four-day festival, you have the option to camp out overnight for multiple days, or to purchase only a one day pass. The camping options range from general tent camping to “glamping” (glam camping), or you can even buy a spot for an RV or regular car to camp in. General admission tickets for the festival are still available for purchase on the Firefly Music Festival website. A wristband day pass costs $109 if purchased individually, with the exception of Thursday, June 19, which only costs $49 because this first day has fewer performances than the following three days (you only get to see 12 bands instead of the usual 35). You can add on an additional day for $99.


What are you waiting for? Mark your calendar, go to, buy tickets with your friends, and go take your lucky self to see what an amazing experience it really is!


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