How to Find New Music

How to Find New Music

Hearing the same ten songs played on most radio stations is a frustrating reality we live in, but even our iPods cannot offer solace if we feel we have exhausted all of our options. Instead of becoming bored with your personal music library and the radio, take some time to find new options. Finding new music to enjoy is a fun process that can open you up to a world of unique sounds and bands.


1. Keep an open mind. Before you begin your search, always remember to be open to the new and unique sounds. There are tons of bands out there that may sound weird or different from what you normally listen to, but do not give up too early. Listen to a couple songs by a new artist before deciding that you are not interested; you might find that their unique sound is something you can come to enjoy and share with others.


Spotify (

2. Spotify. Spotify is an awesome application that everyone should have on their personal computer. Spotify incorporates your own music library with the new music you find. It also gives you suggestions for new bands to listen to that are similar to the ones you already like. Spotify allows you too see what other people are listening to, and you can easily make and share playlists.



3. Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Both of these web sites are places for lesser known bands to share their music. These sites are a great place to find music that is not on iTunes or Spotify. You can choose what genre of music you would like to explore, and they will give you tons of artists to listen to.



Concerts are fun and a great place to find new music

Concerts are fun and a great place to find new music

4. Go to local concerts. Going to local concerts is fun — and usually pretty cheap. By going to concerts in your area, you support your community and explore new music. Concerts are also a great thing to do with friends. Keep your eyes open for posters around your town advertising local concerts.



5. Ask friends.
One of the best and easiest ways to find new bands is by asking what your friends are listening to. This also gives you an opportunity to share what you have been enjoying, as well.   There are hundred of online sites that can help you find new bands and expand your musical library. One of the most important tips is simply to search and keep your ears open.


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Carolyn Ambrosich

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