Folk Bands of the Moment

Folk Bands of the Moment

Folk is a very abstract and broad genre of music that can be hard to follow at times because of the underground nature of the music and the frequency with which bands shuffle, collaborate, and change within the genre. But at the same time, folk is one of the most musically versatile, soulful, and emotional forms of musical expression. When done right, folk can be extremely powerful and worth the time it takes to track down the best bands in the business. Here are several great folk bands of the moment that MUIPR thinks you should have on your playlist:


Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves is an up-and-coming folk artist who is following in the footsteps of classic southern folk roots and packing a serious punch in the world of folk. It is only a matter of time before he emerges into the public eye and becomes an indie staple everywhere. He is a very dynamic and extremely skilled performer in the vein of the traditional, one-man-band vaudeville days way back when music was about raw emotion and technical, musically skilled flow.


The Gospel Whiskey Runners

The Gospel Whiskey Runners are another under-appreciated and largely unknown folk band. They are a very unique and versatile band with a few outstanding songs. Their music is very uplifting and passionate, like folk music should be, and their harmonies and layered instruments create a very rich sound that is musically very pleasing. They haven’t put out any new material recently, though their last EP which came out in 2011, “Hold On,” is a musical victory in itself.


Father John Misty

J. Tillman is a great folk artist who dabbles in several great folk bands and has also put out some stellar solo work under his moniker “Father John Misty.” Tillman was originally a part of the great folk band, Fleet Foxes, but also tours for his own solo work, which is excellently reminiscent of early Simon & Garfunkel and the melodic quality of Bob Dylan. We know — an impressive combination, to say the least. Father John Misty is another wildly talented and lesser-known musician who certainly deserves a top spot among current folk bands. Watch the music video for his song “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” for a delightfully absurd experience featuring everyone’s wonderfully strange celebrity crush, Aubrey Plaza.


These are only a few great folk bands of the moment. Here are several other bands we think you’ll like:

Tallest Man on Earth

Fleet Foxes

The Middle East



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