17-Year-Old Electronic Dance Music DJ, Martin Garrix

17-Year-Old Electronic Dance Music DJ, Martin Garrix

In the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), DJs are almost god-like. There are DJs who have been at this practice their whole lives with small to large recognition. Now, there are young teenagers who are making a name for themselves in this genre of music and taking over.


Martin Garrix is one of these youthful, musically gifted teens who is taking over music charts all over the world. His epic smash hit “Animals” has made its way into mainstream radio stations — a huge accomplishment for Garrix’s style of music. Martin is only seventeen years old and already making a gigantic impact on EDM. Marisa Okano at Yahoo.com explains how Garrix was able to break into the popular music scene:


“He’s practically running the show! The Amsterdam-bred phenom’s hit “Animals” has just begun to crash FM radio airwaves thanks to the same folks who launched the career of another teen talent…does ‘Bieber’ ring any bells? Scooter Braun Projects, which geared up an EDM department last year, recently began managing Garrix. And now one of their first adventures together is the ‘We Are Animals’ tour, a world excursion that kicked off at New York City club Pacha on Jan. 31.”


Martin Garrix. (chunkychunes.com)


Pairing with Scooter Braun Projects, an agency with a client roster that includes brands like Justin Bieber, has given Garrix the ability to collaborate with lots of upcoming artists. Garrix explained to Okano that another perk that comes with being part of a massive music label, “I don’t only produce house music, I also produce other different genres that I don’t release as Martin Garrix … I can produce for other artists that can sing or rap or do anything.”   Be on the look out for more success for Martin Garrix and Scooter Braun Projects.


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