Bands To Listen To: Tune-Yards, Metric, Spoon

Bands To Listen To: Tune-Yards, Metric, Spoon

Ever get bored of songs you hear sounding the same? If you do, then check out these bands that have that experimental flare you have been looking for. These bands harness their own unique sounds, that cross genres and capture listeners with their unique innovations. They master the art of taking the old and making it thoughtful and new.


1. Tune-Yards


Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards (

Tune-Yards is the amazing brain child of New England native, Merrill Garbus. Garbus layers drum loops, ukelele, and her soulful voice to create a unique, tribal sound. Tune-Yards incorporates elements of global music that make her music truly one of a kind. When listening to Tune-Yards, it is hard to place them in any one genre, because the experimental nature of their sound could be considered a new genre of its own.


“Hey Life” combines sounds that one could make using their own bodies, with Garbus’ speak-singing and electronically produced loops and piano. Garbus’ playful lyrics entice and entertain the listener making it impossible not to smile and dance along. Tune-Yards is perfect for the music junky looking for a new and innovative sound to capture their attention.


Be captivated by Tune-Yards latest album, Nikki Nack, on iTunes and Spotify.


2. Metric


Band members of Metric (

Metric is a Canadian rock band featuring the whispery, sexy voice Emily Haines. Metric has a rock grunge feel that experiments with pop, new wave, and dance-rock. Metric harnesses emotionality and intellect, which situates itself the form of thought-provoking lyrics and smart, electronica influenced guitar and rhythm.


“Dreams So Real” follows that smart lyrical pattern with questions such as “Our parents daughters and sons/ Believed in the power of songs/ What if those days are gone?” These lyrics glide over a modest guitar and keyboard, that adds to Haines lyrics rather than override them.


Metric released their last album, Synthetica, in 2012. Metric is perfect for the introspective rocker in all of us, check them out on iTunes and Spotify.


3. Spoon


Spoon band members (

Spoon is an alternative rock band from Texas that has a vintage rock sound with an undeniable punk swagger flare. Lead singer Britt Daniel will make you swoon with his raspy-rock voice. Spoon has been compared to the likes of The Pixies, Sonic Youth, and Tom Petty, making them a versatile band that crosses multiple genres including grunge, punk, and traditional rock.


On August 5, Spoon plans to release their album, They Want My Soul. The single from the album, “Inside Out”, has a slow, melodic ethereal feeling, that captures a sort of oriental influence. Spoon is a critically acclaimed band that has continuously bought us delicious rock music for over 17 years, and their latest album is sure to satisfy. Get hooked on Spoon by listening on iTunes and Spotify.


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