Bands to Listen to: Tallest Man On Earth, Andrew Bird

Bands to Listen to: Tallest Man On Earth, Andrew Bird

The bands this week all feature a folk sound with a unique flare. These artists have the talent to take listeners beyond the bounds of normal life, and their songs demand a deeper contemplation about the world and its relation to music. Whenever you are in the mood for good folk and intricately beautiful guitar, take a listen to any of these amazing artists.


1. Tallest Man On Earth

Singer songwriter Tallest Man On Earth (

Kristian Matsson is the voice behind The Tallest Man On Earth, and is a man with a deep, almost spiritual connection with his guitar. Matsson’s has a Bob Dylan-esque voice that calls back those earthy, folk vibes of the 60’s. His finger-picking and strumming are as unique as his voice, but his sound is simple, just a man with a guitar and something to say. “Love is All” is a softly strummed folk song where Mattsson’s raspy voice croons the thoughtful lyrics, “I’ll throw you in the current that I stand upon so still/ Love is all, from what/ I’ve heard, but my heart’s learned to kill/ Oh, mine has learned to kill.” Mattsson’s has a quality that many popular artists lack, one of pure musical talent and lyrics that speak to listeners on an introspective level. Check out Tallest Man On Earth on iTunes and Spotify.


2. Andrew Bird

Vocalist and violinist Andrew Bird (

One of the most creative and innovative artists of our time, incorporating sounds that cross a variation of genres, inventing a sound that is distinctively his own. Bird is a singer-songerwriter and violinist with tendencies toward a gypsy-folk, acoustic sound. “Danse Caribe,” from the album, “Break It Yourself,” is a perfect example of Bird’s ability to capture multiple genres. It begins with a mellow folk guitar, combined with a high, winding violin. At parts there are also elements of island vibes, and then returning to a more folk-square dance-esque vibe. Bird is a prolific writer, putting out over 10 albums since 2001. His latest album, “Things are really great here, sort of…,” was released in 2014, and still captures that unique and delightful sound that is Andrew Bird. The best way to capture all elements of Andrew Bird’s sound is to listen to him yourself on iTunes or Spotify.


3. Jake Bugg

English singer songwriter Jake Bugg (

Jake Bugg is a supremely talented guitar player who’s fast-paced, finger-picking, good tunes are sure to get any folk-rocker excited. At the tender age of 18, Bugg released his first album, self-titled. The U.K. singer-songwriter draws inspiration from the classic rockers of the 60’s. “Two Fingers” is a song about growing up and finding out what life is about, “So I kiss goodbye to every little ounce of pain/ Light a cigarette and wish the world away/ I got out, I got out, I’m alive but I’m here to stay.” Bugg also has a voice reminiscent of Bob Dylan, with a whiney-strength that gives him a unique edge. Since the release of his first album, Bugg has become increasingly popular, and it is not hard to see why with such a raw talent. Bugg released his second album, “Shangri La,” in 2013, and we can be sure to see a long career ahead. Listen to Jake Bugg on iTunes and Spotify.


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