Bands To Listen To: Sylvan Esso, James Blake, Glass Animals

Bands To Listen To: Sylvan Esso, James Blake, Glass Animals

The bands this week combine the classic with the modern. They each take from traditional genres, such as folk and jazz, and revamp them with an electronic sound. Perfect for an easy listen, or to get you in a dreamy, musical daze, these bands are definitely worth a listen.


1. Sylvan Esso

Synth folk duo Sylvan Esso (

Sylvan Esso is a duo from North Carolina with a unique, electo-folk sound. Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn merge together to create the electronic folk sound. Sanborn, with his synthesized base, and Meath, with her soft, velvety voice, will leave you in a pleasant trance. Their debut, self-titled album was released in early 2014, with their song, “Coffee,” gaining rapid popularity. The title track off the album, “Hey Mami,” tells the story of a woman walking down the street, attracting the attention of men. Meath’s layered voice starts the song, and combines with Sanborn’s bass beat creating an infectious dance rhythm. Listen to Sylvan Esso on iTunes and Spotify.



2. James Blake

James Blake (

The London-based producer James Blake has charmed the world with his smooth, jazzy voice, combined with slow, dubstep beats. He effortlessly crosses genres, making him perfect for any lover of jazz, R & B, or dubstep. Blake released his first full-length album in 2011 and released his latest album last year. His song, “To The Last,” combines his swoon-worthy vocals, with a melodic, synth-keyboard beat. Blake takes listeners to a modern jazz club, with lights low and drinks smooth. Fall in love with James Blake by listening to him on iTunes and Spotify.





3. Glass Animals 

Bands members of Glass Animal (

Glass Animals is an indie-rock band from London with a synthesized Amazonian, jungle beat. Glass Animals has an overflowing sound, which brims with lead singer Dave Bayley’s melodic voice beckoning listeners and jive to their accessible vibes. “Pool” draws on that amazonian sound, and makes one feel like they are surrounded by animals at the watering-hole. The group released their first full-length album, “Zaba,” this year. The album is packed with bewitching tunes that one cannot resist the urge to glide along. Be enraptured by Glass Animals and listen to them on iTunes and Spotify.


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