Bands To Listen To: MCI, Bleached, Ty Segall

Bands To Listen To: MCI, Bleached, Ty Segall

Some days, we all need a way to rock out and get out of our own heads. The bands featured this week have a punk rock influence that is sure to get anyone’s blood pumping ready and ready for a good time. Check out these bands, and remember punk is good for the soul.


1. MCI

MCI album cover for Columbine (

MCI album cover for Columbine (

MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) is a grunge punk band from Baltimore, featuring the vocals of Kevin Ambrosich. It is difficult to categorize MCI’s sound, as it crosses an array of various genres — from funny, punk-rock songs like, “Garbage,” a song about a girl who lived in trash, to folksy, melodic songs like, “Russian Girl,” a softer song about a beautiful, Russian girl. The delightfulness of MCI comes from their ability to make the listeners experience engaging and enjoyable, incorporating an energy of playful absurdity, along with an irresistibly thoughtful consciousness. “I’m Ok” features the narration of a factory worker who is delightfully discontent with this world. Be sure to check out the greatness that is MCI on Bandcamp and Spotify.


2. Bleached

Surf punk sisters of Bleached (

Bleached is a surfer punk-rock band from Los Angeles, featuring the musical stylings of sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin. With their Beach Boys meets punk rock vibe, this band captures a vintage, post-punk sound with that muffled, authentic record feel, and a cheery disposition. “Poison Ivy” has that classic rock ‘n’ roll sound with a beachy spin, with a upbeat hook that will have any listener jamming along. Perfect for a ride down the coast or a day at the beach, Bleached is sure to fill that surfer-punk void in your heart, plus who doesn’t love punk-rocker chicks? Check out Bleached on iTunes and Spotify.


3. Ty Segall

Lo-fi Punk Rocker Ty Segall (

For those looking for that classic punk sound, look no further than Ty Segall. With heavy reverb and a rocking sound, this punk rocker masters the art of lo-fi punk. Segall is known for the rate at which he spits out new albums, providing a continuum of punk rock jams. “Son of Sam” has that screechy, screamy sound that is hard not to head bang along to, along with pumping drums, and irresistible guitar rifts. Ty Segall is perfect for the punk rocker looking for something to blow off steam, or have a rocking time. Check out Ty Segall on iTunes and Spotify.



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Carolyn Ambrosich

Carolyn Ambrosich attends Fordham University in New York City, where she is majoring in psychology and is a member of the rugby team. She was born in Texas, but raised in Colorado and Maryland. Carolyn suffers from wanderlust and is always looking for adventure. She loves cats, meeting new people, music, and relaxing with friends. Follow her on Twitter @whatsthesich

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